Top 5 Jackets Lil Uzi Vert Would Wear

Black Diamond Quilted Leather Jacket

Black Diamond Quilted Leather Bomber Jacket

Diamond leather car seats? How about diamond leather jackets! This jacket can match almost anything you wear it and also gives off an amazing fashionable look.


Red Leather Biker Jacket

Genuine Red Leather jacket

WOW! That's a nice Red. This jacket will have you standing out from the crowd. That Red it Popping! This jacket is giving me Micheal Jackson Thriller Vibes. WICKED!


Distressed Denim Jacket

Distressed Denim Jacket

Everyone loves denim, But most importantly denim jackets. Distressed clothes have been around for years and every year it just gets better and better. Every distressed denim jacket has a story to tell.


White Leather Jacket

White & Black Leather Biker Jacket

This is Definitely a biker Jacket! Where my biker crew guys at huh? This black and white jacket have rogue all over it. You know what they say " Come to the dark side we have cookies"


KÄFIG Jacket

Black Leather Laced Jacket

I'am Speechless. Where are my lace and leather lovers at? There's not much for me to say because this jacket speaks for it self.


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